Diamonds for eternal love


Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) has already carved a niche for itself in Chennai for its jewelry. Since its inception on 7 th Sep 2005, Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) has been working with dedication and commitment towards customer satisfaction . Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) is a pioneer in the field of gemstones , silver items gold and diamond jewellery.

Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) expertise lies in Chettinad gold, Bengali and Bombay casting . Apart from gold, we also stocks silver items. Emphasis is laid on deigns and on the quality of the diamonds that are being used. The diamonds are certified and genuine.

Diamonds are always a woman’s best friend. Elegant designs are created at the design centre at Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) keeping in mind the taste of a modern woman. The diamonds can be customized according to your preference and can be mounted on gold or platinum. Inspired by nature the design team at Aishwarya Thanga Malligai(ATM) have created deigns that are quite rare to find . From paisleys to motifs of flowers and leaves these designs are bound to take your breath away.

Keeping in mind the modern woman of today, the lightweight diamond jewelry are created that go well with western wear and are quite affordable. The designs have a contemporary feel to it.

For those looking for traditional options when it comes to buying diamond jewelry there are chokers, heavy pendants and heavy bracelets and rings to choose from. Engagement rings are there with varying carats to suit the budget of our clients.

You can even customize any design of your choice at Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM). At Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) one can be assured that you will get the best diamond with clarity as it is something that one should look forward to while buying diamonds . These studded wonders will make your engagement special for years to come. You can even get your diamond mounted on either gold or platinum. When you are buying diamonds from Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) you are assured that you are buying the best . All the diamonds that are used are certified by world class laboratories. The best part is that these diamonds can be exchanged after a few years under the buyback schemes, so that you can exchange your old jewelry with new ones.