Birth Stones

Since centuries humans have always believed in the power of birthstones. Many believe that birthstones are endowed with some special powers. There are some individuals who prefer to wear their birthstone as they feel that it will bring them good luck. Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM)which started it journey in to 7th sep 2005, have gradually evolved and has made its mark in the Chennai jewelry industry . Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) deals in birthstones , diamonds, gold and silver items . We also specialize in Chettinad gold. Apart from that our expertise also lies in Bengali, Bombay casting.

At Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) one can always have a look at the widest collection of birthstones and gemstone that are on offer. You can pick up your favourite birthstone after consultation with the in-house astrologers at the store as to whether the particular stone might suit you. Once the consultation process is over you can get your birthstone mounted on amulets or rings of your choice. These birthstones can be set on amulets or rings made out of silver, platinum or gold or they can be also made into pendants so that they can be worn around your neck.

Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) has already made a name for itself when it comes to birthstones . The birthstones are genuine and offer value for money. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and one can also get a refund it someone is not satisfied with the birthstones. These birthstones are related to our zodiac signs. At present the birthstones are directly linked to calendar months. One can also think of gifting someone special with a item of jewelry with a birthstone. It could be a brooch, pendant or an earring.

We at Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM) can get it customized according to your needs . For individuals born in Januarys one can choose a garnet as their birthstone. For those who are born in the month of February can opt for amethyst. Aquamarine is suited for those who are born in March. Diamonds seems to be perfect for those who are born in the month of April. Emerald is for those who are born in the month of May. While pearl seems to be the birth stone for those born in June. Ruby seems to be perfect choice for those born in July. Peridot is ideal for those born in August. Sapphire is the ultimate choice for ones born in September. Opal is the perfect for those born in October while topaz is suited for individuals born in November. Turquoise is perfect for those born in December. However for any doubts you can always get free consultation at Aishwarya Thanga Maligai(ATM). Certificates of authenticity are provided with all the birthstones and gemstones on offer. If there is any repair work that needs to be done it will be done without any charges.